Environmental Responsibility

Woodfibre LNG is committed to responsible stewardship of the environment, and the project will be designed to reflect these values.

In addition to meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements to achieve an environmental assessment certificate, we will look to demonstrate our commitment through efforts such as:

  • Remediating the Woodfibre site to the industrial standards of today
  • Supporting ongoing cleanup efforts in the Howe Sound area
  • Optimizing the existing infrastructure on the site to minimize environmental impacts
  • Responsibly managing private forest lands not required for the project
  • Being good stewards of the forest, fisheries, wildlife and water resources on the site

Environmental Assessment

On October 26, 2015, British Columbia Environment Minister Mary Polak and Natural Gas Development Minister Rich Coleman announced that an environmental assessment certificate (EAC) had been issued to Woodfibre LNG Limited for the Woodfibre LNG project.  The EAC includes 25 legally enforceable conditions that apply to the construction, operation and decommissioning of the Woodfibre LNG project to ensure that no significant adverse effects are likely to occur.

The decision to grant an EAC was made following a rigorous environmental review of the project, which was led by British Columbia’s Environmental Assessment Office (BC EAO). The 25 conditions were developed following consultation and input from Aboriginal groups, government agencies, communities and the public.  The conditions include but are not limited to:

  • Mitigate and monitor impacts to marine mammals during construction
  • Manage and monitor marine water quality to protect marine life and human health
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air emissions by using power from BC Hydro instead of natural gas
  • Continued engagement with Aboriginal groups in the development and implementation of management and monitoring plans

For more information on the EAC, which was issued for the Woodfibre LNG project, or to review all of the materials related to the environmental assessment, please visit the BC EAO’s web site by clicking here

The Woodfibre LNG project was issued an EAC following a substituted environmental assessment. Substitution means that the BC EAO coordinates one process that meets all federal and provincial requirements. The federal minister and provincial ministers make separate decisions on whether to approve the project based on the environmental assessment report prepared by the EAO.

On March 18, 2016, the Woodfibre LNG Project received environmental approval from the federal government. The Minister of Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna issued a decision statement under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012, stating that the Woodfibre LNG Project is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.

In her Environmental Assessment Decision Statement, the Minister established legally binding conditions, which include mitigation measures and follow-up requirements which Woodfibre LNG must comply with throughout the life of the project.

The federal decision follows the October 2015 provincial approval of the project, and concludes the project’s environmental assessment review process.

For a list of the CEAA and EAO conditions for the Woodfibre LNG Project, which phase of the project these conditions must be met, and the status of these conditions, click here.

The next steps for the Project include but are not limited to obtaining various permits, and regulatory authorizations from agencies like Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Transport Canada. For a list of these permits, authorizations and plans, click here.

To learn more about the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Process, please visit www.eao.gov.bc.ca

For information about the Canadian Environmental Assessment, please visit www.ceaa-acee.gc.ca

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