Woodfibre LNG is committed to upholding the highest environmental standards and reducing environmental impacts.  This is why we made thorough remediation of the Woodfibre site and issuance of a Certificate of Compliance from the BC Ministry of Environment a condition of the purchase of the site from Western Forest Products.  This remediation work included:

  • Remediating soil
  • Remediating upland portions of the site
  • Dredging of woodchips and sediment along the shoreline
  • Asbestos removal and capping of disposal area


Ongoing clean-up

Woodfibre LNG Limited is committed to building a project that is right for Squamish, BC and we look forward to continuing remediation and restoration at the Woodfibre site.

Plans for additional remediation include the removal of approximately 3,000 creosote-coated piles from the waterfront in the Project area, the creation of a “green zone” around Mill Creek, and the future closure of the on-site landfill.

This work will be carried out in partnership with local groups and societies where possible, so that local conservation and restoration targets can be met.

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