Right Fit for LNG

One of the first questions we hear is “Why are you locating your facility here in Squamish?”

The answer is pretty straight forward. We began by looking all across North America for a suitable site. Our criteria focussed mainly on whether there was existing infrastructure and a welcoming regulatory regime.

We wanted to distinguish ourselves from many of the larger projects you may have heard about – instead of building brand new large scale infrastructure, we were looking for a project where most key elements were already in place and optimal for conversion to an LNG facility. What we found at the Woodfibre site was:

  • A site with an existing pipeline and an existing electricity transmission line – meaning minimal upgrades to infrastructure, which shortened timelines and minimized environmental impact.
  • A deepwater port.
  • A history of industrial use. It is zoned industrial by the municipality of the District of Squamish and is considered as a location for “industry and employment” under the Official Community Plan (OCP).

With these factors in place, an LNG facility on newly cleaned up land would not create a new impact on the land base. The footprint of the potential LNG facility will likely be smaller than the footprint of the old pulp mill providing further opportunities for site remediation and green space.

Thanks for your patience as we update our website.

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